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Entium is singe‚Äčr, songwriter, producer, engineer, Geoff Tripoli. Entium began in 1998 as a catch-all project for everything musical that Geoff put his mind to that wasn't associated with any other "band". New material from Entium can be sparse at times, but the project is not dead by any means.

Geoff currently lives in the Portland, Oregon area. He has been involved in many music projects over the years. Some of which include Octaval, Conduit, Entium, Tripfoot, and now Monody. Monody is a three piece synthpop/industrial band in which he fills the role of lead singer. On April 29th, 2011, Monody released their debut album "Of Iron and Clay". 

Another avenue of music production that Geoff explores from time to time is in producing remixes for bands that he enjoys listening to, many of which are local bands and/or bands with whom he is friends, such as Son Of Rust, Adrian H. and the Wounds, Obscenity Trial, Monody, Conduit, Boy Eats Drum Machine, and the Tapeaters.

In late 2009, Geoff was approached by the Portland based band, Jetpack Missing, to engineer and produce their next album. The album, "Send A Message" was released in April 2011.

Geoff started learning music early in life with piano lessons for many years, thanks to his generous grandmother, then transitioned to the guitar as a teenager and then finally to include all sorts of electronic music later on. Geoff doesn't consider himself to be extraordinarily talented at any of the instruments he plays, but he can produce the music he envisions with the abilities he has. His music is usually an almagamation of many different music influences, which range from blues, rock, singer/songwriter, electronica, ambient, synthpop, industrial, etc.